Feeling Restless

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I’ve been feeling restless since last night when I realized that the 6 month anniversary of my father’s death is a week from today; I need to be spanked! I know that most people think that BDSM is just about sex, but it’s not…..to me, it’s away to allow myself to feel my emotions. When I’m being spanked it allows me to feel the pain that I’ve been holding in, and the care that I receive allows my to feel safe. There is a sexual side to it as well; my pussy gets so wet and the sex feels so good, I’m not sure that words exist to describe it.

When my dad died last fall, I completely quit talking to my online Dom. Over the past week, I can feel my craving growing. I need a Dom/or Domme, I need that feeling that I get when I know that I’ve pleased him or her, and I need the feeling of “safety” that’s provided by their control. I need to hear the commands to touch myself to please them, and to show them that I can control my orgasm for them. I need to go to subspace….I need a Dom/Domme to tell me that it’s okay, that my nipples are hard and my pussy is wet just from thinking about it.


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