LGBTQ(Q) Lit for Teens/Young Adults

So I’m trying to create an LGBTQ(Q) Romance unit for teens, I know it doesn’t sound all that difficult. Unfortunately, it has been difficult to find anything that is really positive. Why do all of the stories end up with one of the main characters doing the following: committing suicide, killing their lover or trying to kill them (Shine by Lauren Myracle), or coming to the conclusion that it was a phase that will pass.  Don’t get me wrong, I realize that LGBTQ(Q) relationships are complex, but aren’t all teen relationships? Somehow, in the vast majority of teen/YA romance novels the teens seem to survive and generally the reader is left with a feeling of hopefullness….hell, even the Hunger Games Trilogy ends on a positive note.

If any of you have book suggestions, please leave a post 8-)!



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