That’s Mighty White Of Ya

I have to spread the message

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I know I shouldn’t let the smart ass remarks of someone who’s at least a 14 hour flight away get to me, but it REALLY took a lot of effort for me not to respond: THAT’S MIGHTY WHITE OF YA’!

How can someone really understand what Trayvon Martin was feeling as he was being chased down by a murder, when they don’t even want to acknowledge that racism exists? It exists, I know because when I was 15, ny boyfriend’s parents used to make his older brother leave the house so that I could come over. You may be asking yourself where the racism is in that last sentence….what I left out of that last sentence, is that my boyfriend’s brother was in the KKK. But really that experience is nothing, barely even a blip on my radar.

Now trying to complete a field experience as an undergrad in…

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