Things You Shouldn’t Have To Say

My husband told our oldest daughter that it was going to be cold in the morning, and that she should wear one of her hoodies. Then I told her to make sure that she keeps her hood down; it’s said when a parent has to tell their child that it might not be safe to wear their hood up while they’re waiting for the bus. The saddest part of the conversation: She said not to worry because she wouldn’t take any Skittles with her.


3 thoughts on “Things You Shouldn’t Have To Say

  1. Its amazing the conversations my children and I have had about race in the past week because of Trayvon’s death. I think my persistence int he past that racism is pervasive, even when it seemed to them it was a rare thing, has finally sunk in.
    As sad as this young mans death is I hope that the conversation may be taking place in more homes. If we imagine this case flipped, we can easily see the prejudice that under lays American society. Yes it is better than it was 50 yrs ago, it is no where near cured.

    • I know, I’ve always felt really bad when they saw anything that placed caucasians in a negative light. It sounds horrible, but I would always try and give them a basic answer, telling them that their dad would be able to explain the situation better than I could. Now that they’re older, I am much more comfortable talking to them about issues of racism. In some ways, I feel like our country takes two steps forward and then one backwards. I’ve seen and heard people say so many racist things about the president, but the sad thing is that they truly have a genuine belief that they aren’t being racist.
      When the president first took office, I sat the girls down and tried to explain to them that even though they are French and Irish, there will be people who ONLY see them as African American. I was trying to gently prepare them for the “real world”; they couldn’t understand why I was trying to warn them at the time, they understand now.
      However, I do think that the majority of people under 23, don’t have a problem interacting with people of another race. The incidents that they’ve mentioned have all involved people who were curious about something, but who weren’t trying to be hurtful. I am hopeful that things will be better in the future.

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