You want to get away with murder? Move to Florida

Trayvon Martin Protest - Sanford

Trayvon Martin Protest - Sanford (Photo credit: werthmedia)

You want to get away with murder? Move to Florida.

It’s a really sad time in our nation; I’m sad that a young man was senselessly murdered, and I’m sad that others’ are now aware of the injustices we face as African Americans. I had “the talk” with my girls shortly after the Tea Party and Republicans began making, and reinforcing racist statements and actions towards our president.

When I first had “the talk”, my girls were really confused. You see, my husband and I had always gone out of our way to make sure that our girls went to school with international students. We’ve always lived in a town that had at least one college in it, although the town we live in now, is by far the most liberal and accepting. I have always spoken several languages with my daughters; Japanese is my chosen language for public correction. I studied abroad in Shizuoka-shi, Japan, and I’ll admit it–I love the Japanese language, culture and literature.

I’m the kinda girl who decides to learn a new language, because it’s fun and exciting. So it’s normal for my girls to see me speaking several languages, as I walk through the gymnasium of one of their schools. Luckily, my youngest two daughters alo have developed a love of different languages and cultures as well. That’s why they couldn’t understand that someone could dislike them simply for their lack of/or increase of pigmentation (I say it this way, because my youngest and oldest daughters’ have the tan that every white girl tries to achieve when she visits the tanning beds; my middle daughter’s pigmentation is much closer to her Irish American, redheaded father).

Unfortunately (and in some ways fortunately), the senseless murder of Trayvon Martin, has allowed them to understand what I meant when I had “the talk” with them. Some of you may be wondering how I can say that this event may be fortunate; please understand, I am not saying it is fortunate that Trayvon was murdered, but I am saying it is fortunate my daughters’ understand what I was saying, without becoming victims of a crime.


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