Hunger Games

Cover of "The Hunger Games"

Cover of The Hunger Games

So, I went to see the Hunger Games tonight; this is the first movie that my youngest daughter read the book for before seeing the movie. Over the last month it’s been fun to watch her excitement and enthusiasm build, over the release of the movie. If I am being honest, it was a little bit of a relief to have a couple of conversations a day that DIDN’T  involve Darren Criss, Starkids, AVP or Joey Richter (I don’t know that there is a word that exists that can fully describe how thankful ISam for the change of topic).

Im not sure what it is inherently in me, that causes me deeply feel emotions, but without fail, I cry everytime there is something extremely sad in a movie. Yes, I’ll admit it, I cried when Dobby (the house elf), Dumbeldore and SNAPE died in Harry Potter, and I cried while watching Tuck Everlasting, when theprotagonist went back to her regular.Yep! I cried when Rue died. It’s not like I didn’tknocoming was coming, I’ve read the freaking book; I don’t know why I cry, but I noticed that my daughter cried too.

Overall, I reallyI enjoyed the movie and feel that it tried to stay close to the material in the book. Plus, it’s always a rare treat when you see a movie at a drive-in movie theatre.


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