Interview with the author of Forbidden Claim


Blackhippiechick: How did the author come up with the idea to write about a woman kidnapping the person she believes to have the answers to her parents death? (about her past and who she is)

KellyWhen I sit down to write a story, I start at the beginning, no outline, no synopsis, just the beginning. Yes, it’s a little disorganized. I’m sure one of these days it’ll bite me in the behind! When I started The Forbidden Claim, I thought wouldn’t it be fun to have some crazy chick stop a van that was transporting a murderer and kidnap him, only to discover she’s captured a sexy decoy instead? Well, let me tell you, it started out fun but where it went from there was very dark— not my intention. The characters had taken over and I was helpless to the story they were telling me.
But let me get back to the beginning of the story to answer the original question. I had to give this crazy little lady, Jinx Collins, a reason for her actions, and I certainly couldn’t have the real murderer in the van— hence, the decoy, Jed Kane. Now I needed to give these two people grounds for colliding into each other, and so came the haunting memories of a girl, the one link Jinx has to a past she can’t remember. Jinx comes across a picture of the girl from her memories and the murderer. But she can’t get to the murderer to ask him about the girl or the picture. He’s in protective custody and about to be entered into the witness program. Desperate and running out of time, US Marshall Jinx Collins makes an irrational decision to kidnap the killer and that’s where the whirlwind begins…

Blackhippiechick: Also, are any of the characters based on people she’s interacted w/in real life, and do their names have any special meaning?
KellyNo, not specifically but I do take the absolute best and the very worst of people I’ve encountered in my life and put them in my stories. I have no limits; it could be anything from the sassiness of my plucky sister to the disgruntled customer I witnessed at a department store. I’m a people watcher, and I’ll use what I see, all and any emotions. My characters names? Hmm… I liked Jinx. It fit her perfectly. No matter where she goes or what she does, she can’t seem to keep herself out of trouble. Jed Kane— I thought it was a strong name. Jed’s a lost soul. He truly feels that he’s on this earth for one reason, to save the innocent victims caught in a world of human trafficking. His tainted past doesn’t allow him to see anything else for his future, that is until the crazy little lady, Jinx Collins, comes crashing into his life…



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