GOLDEN CHARIOT by Chris Karlsen


Golden Chariot
by Chris Karlsen



The rare discovery of a ship sunk during the time of the Trojan War has been found off the coast of Turkey, near Troy. Charlotte Dashiell is an American nautical archaeologist and thrilled to be part of the recovery team. The wreck may contain proof of her highly controversial theory about the Trojan War.

Charlotte is present when the Turkish government agent assigned to guard the site is murdered. Her possible involvement and a questionable connection to a private collector of black market relics bring her under suspicion. Atakan Vadim is the Turkish agent sent to investigate her. Unknown to either of them, the smuggler behind the murder plans to steal a valuable artifact and frame Charlotte for the theft…after they murder her. 



Shouts of “fire” came from all sides of the camp. The west wind blew sparks in the direction of the lab. They could lose the entire camp, but not the lab, not the artifacts.

Charlotte grabbed an empty barrel from the fire line. She ran with it and started climbing the stairs to the shower stall’s water tank. A man’s large hand covered her mouth. His other hand brandished a gun. With the cold barrel to her ear, he walked her backwards down the few steps to the ground.

“Don’t scream.” Little-by-little his palm came away from her mouth.

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

I was born and raised in Chicago. My father was a history professor and my mother was, and is, a voracious reader. I grew up with a love of history and books.

My parents also love traveling, a passion they passed onto me. I wanted to see the places I read about, see the land and monuments from the time periods that fascinated me. I’ve had the good fortune to travel extensively throughout Europe, the Near East, and North Africa.

I am a retired police detective. I spent twenty-five years in law enforcement with two different agencies. My desire to write came in my early teens. After I retired, I decided to pursue that dream.

I currently live in the Pacific Northwest with my husband, four rescue dogs and a rescue horse.!/chriskarlsenwriter





16 thoughts on “GOLDEN CHARIOT by Chris Karlsen

  1. Hi,
    I want to thank Black Hippie Chick for inviting me to visit with her followers today. I look forward to hearing from everyone.

  2. Hi,
    I want to thank Black Hippie Chick for inviting me to visit with her followers. I look forward to hearing from everyone.

  3. Hi Mary,

    Thank you for the compliment and I appreciate your enthusiasm. It took many months of research before I wrote one word of the story. But I loved the setting, Turkey and the subject. 🙂

  4. I like suspense and mysteries when it’s a “normal” person who gets caught up in the intrigue–like, in this case, the archaeologist. I hope she rises to the challenge and holds her own during the intrigue.

    Chris…You’re a “new-to-me” author. You mention that you’ve traveled extensively. I’m so envious. Have you traveled in and around Turkey, where the book is set? I think that would be an interesting region of the world!

    catherinelee100 at gmail dot com

  5. I agree, this book sounds like a fantastic read. So, nautical archaeology…that’s a new one. Or at least, new to me, but I have to say, it seems to add a lot of dimension to the character.

    • My daughters and I were in summer productions of Oedipus & Antigone a few summers ago, and ever since my middle daughter has had an interest in Greek history and mythology. I think she would find this story intriguing.
      I’d love to go to Turkey someday, I’ve recently gotten back in contact with a pair of sisters who were exchange students from Turkey when I was in middle/high school. I’ve got an open invitation, maybe I should take them up on it. I’ve been to Japan and it was an amazing, life changing experience.

  6. HI Catherine,

    Yes, I’ve been to Turkey several times. It is remarkable. What a fascinating country. The coast along the Aegean Sea and Meditteranean is stunning. Then, as you go east toward Cappadocia, the land is otherworldly. Hot air ballooning is popular in the region as it is so different than any place else. Istanbul is exotic with its varied architecture and the spice bazaar. And the history!! Everywhere you turn there’s something historical to see.

    I believe you’ll find Charlotte does a pretty good job of standing up to the intrigue i the story:)

  7. Hi Karen,

    I love history and wanted to write a heroine that was an archaeologist. After my first visit to Istanbul, I knew she’d work a site in Turkey. It was as I walked the walls at the Troy ruins and looked out over the Dardanelle Strait and the beautiful Aegean Sea that I decided to make my her a nautical archaeologist. I liked writing her impression of the undersea world.

  8. Turkey has always fascinated me, especially the complications involved in traveling between European Turkey and Asian Turkey. I’d love to visit either…

  9. Hi Trix,
    I can put your mind at ease about the two sides. The divide between the continents occurs in the heart of Istanbul. There really aren’t any complications between European Turkey and Asian. We stay in a boutique hotel in the Sultanahmet section of Istanbul, or as it is called by many, “The Old City.” It is on the Golden Horn, which is the European side. Ferries across the Bosphorus to the Asian side run every hour and are very inexpensive. You can also drive or walk across via the Galata Bridge to either side. You’d love Turkey. I hope you do get to visit one day.

  10. A nautical archaeologist is certainly not often used in mystery books, that one intrigued me. Turkey as a setting is also fascinating because of it’s history. Since you visited Turkey so many times, do you speak the language?

  11. HI Lana,
    No I don’t speak the language. I do try to learn a bit through Rosetta Stone. It’s v.v. difficult-the language. Rarely can I understand it when it’s spoken as it’s too fast for me to catch but I can read some of it, the basics mostly.

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