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Miller, the protagonist in Cinderella Club is a very responsible but naïve young woman. Her family is shrouded in mystery, as Miller’s mother is killed in a plane crash when she is very young. Miller has a sister who was named Thyme; before Thyme dies in a mysterious fire, Miller believes that she must be using sort of drug. Miller begins to see Thyme in a different light, once she is abducted and taken to club where she is forced into sexual slavery.

Miller must endure extreme slave training, that includes being forced to be the human fox in a fox hunt. Miller discovers that her first and only love is a member of the club, and she’s convinced Colin is going to rescue her. Throughout the story there are references to several versions of the Cinderella story, including Miller’s memories of her & her mother talking about Miller’s wish to be a princess, like Cinderella.

I found this story to be very interesting; there are several interwoven plots in this piece and I think it would lend itself well to becoming a series. I have to admit that while I was aware that this book revolved around BDSM, I was prepared for the graphic nature of the scenes that were portrayed. I did find it incongruent & somewhat stereotypical for Miller’s character to be accepting of all the incidents where she was forced to have none consensual sex, EXCEPT for her experience with Kente. Kente is an African man who worked at the club, and had groomed Miller. The writing seemed to emphasize the fact that Kente was a big, scary black man.

I enjoyed this piece and would probably read other titles; as a reader you become connected to all of the characters who are part of the backstory, you want to know there stories. I would’ve given Cinderella Thyme 4 stars,If it weren’t for the Kente storyline.

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3 thoughts on “Review of Mia Natasha’s Cinderella Club by Blackhippiechick for Night Owl Reviews

  1. Thank you for reading my book. You have described my novel Cinderella Club though, not Cinderella Thyme. I’m currently working on the final story to the trilogy. Kente will be back but it will all end happily, I promise.

    • Yes, the publisher sent them out with their titles reversed. I am currently reading Cinderella Thyme; I am quite glad to know it will ultimately have a happy ending.

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