Guest Post by Angela Stone, author of Sometimes It’s Fate


Thanks so much for hosting me today!
Today I’m talking about moving and living in Ottawa (that’s the Capital of Canada)!
I recently moved into an amazing 1000 square foot apartment in Hintonburgh which is the trendy “up and coming” area of Ottawa.
I’m in love with my new apartment beside’s it’s few quarks, postage size stamp kitchen, uneven floors, noisy AC, and upstairs neighbours that often sound like they’re coming through the ceiling.
I’ve also decided I’m never moving, ever again. We’ve been here about a month and we’re finally getting things organized, and making a list of the things we’re still missing. I still have one or two unpacked boxes (stares at the BF who the boxes belong to in the first place) and things on every surface that don’t quiet have a place yet.
It’s coming along though, and I can’t express how awesome it is. I live very close to some of the main centers of Ottawa. I can walk to Little Italy, to the main business center of down town, and even Lebreton flats where we have our HUGE music festival every year.
I’m a short bus ride down to parliament hill, and all of the attractions of the Byward Market.
It’s a lovely place. If you ever have a chance to visit, make sure you look me up, I can point you to the best restaurants, the best bars, and of course the best entertainment.
If it’s skating on the Canal in the winter, or taking a boat cruise in the summer, I love how there is always something to do!
There is also a ton of history, being the Capital of Canada, and lots of haunting and other spooky things, as long as you look in the right places. Not to mention the world class architecture and museums at your finger tips.
So yes I love Ottawa, I hope that some of you have a chance to come and Visit. I promise David and Jason will escape New Brunswick eventually and follow me here! I hope in the mean time you enjoy Jason and David’s first story, Sometimes It’s Fate, their second book Boots on the Ground is coming out in July from Phaze books!



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