My review of the book Cuckold by Request

Cuckold by RequestCuckold by Request by Isabelle Drake

The book starts out with Edward trying to get his sex life back on track with his wife. Kelly and Edward were high school sweethearts, and as such he’s always been very polite and gentle in their love making. Edward decides to seek out the help of an agency that specializes in discovering what one’s partner truly desires.
Unbeknownst to Edward, Kelly also feels like the couple’s sex life is lacking; she’s worried that if things don’t change their marriage may not survive. She is desperately in love with her husband, but feels like all the passion has fizzled out. She craves for Edward to be less gentle with her sexually.
I really enjoyed this story, I found it to be a short fast paced book. I think the premise of the story is easy to relate to, especially for anyone who has been in a relationship for a number of years. The depth of love that the characters expressed towards one another easily allows the reader to develop a vested interest in the relationship.
If you’re looking for a quick read that includes steamy sex scenes, or if you’re looking for ideas to heat up your relationship this is the book for you.
Originally written for Night Owl Reviews

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