Guest Blog by Julia Phillips Smith


“Puts the monster back into vampire.” – Melissa Bradley
“These vamps don’t sparkle!” – Shawna @ trindiebooks
“Her vampires are dark and ravenous; monsters more in the tradition of the vampire as deadly dangerous and blood thirsty.” – Travis Cody
The trend away from the traditional vampire mythos has resulted in a new breed of less-encumbered vampires lately.
Some of them are free to walk the earth beneath the rays of the sun.
Some can hop in a boat and zoom across the surface of a large body of water.
This gives writers in the vampire genre more freedom to have their main character interact in less-Gothic settings, which brings vampires to a wider readership.
For me, I have always preferred my vampires to be as drenched in Gothic trappings as possible. When I began writing this book, I knew I wanted my vampires to be bound to the night, as their literary forebears had been.
In SAINT SANGUINUS, water gives my vampires enough of a problem that it is used as a weapon against them.
As for blood-thirstiness, I felt very strongly that for my brotherhood of guardian vampires, holding the line between humans and true vampires, the sexual component that has been a part of vampire lore since DRACULA would be given over to the taking of blood during the feed.
I gave all of the desire and passion usually given over to lovers, and transferred it to blood itself. I’m so happy that the response from readers has been a surprised delight.
These Dark Age vampires are the top predators in the food chain—and they have the teeth to prove it.

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