Black Hippie Chick’s Interview with Cesar, Author of Boy Who Dreams

Black Hippie Chick:If you had to sum it up Boy Who Dreams in 30 or less words, what would you say?
Cesar:A story of suspense and intrigue which will push your boundaries of understanding about the real spiritual world around us. Black Hippie Chick:What inspired the idea behind your book?
Cesar:In my mind for a number of years I had been imagining a story of a boy(Jordan) who developed spiritual powers, some of the places and storylines in the book actually come from some of my own dreams. I guess the main theme of the series is to explore that spiritual role that he (Jordan) could walk but in a real way, taking into account what various religions have recorded about great figures in history. Black Hippie Chick:Without giving it all away, please tell us a little something about how Jordan is going to get through their biggest challenge.
Cesar:Jordan has a number of challenges throughout the book, but the biggest challenge comes at the end, where the hooded man finally appears for a face-to-face challenge. Jordan is not fully successful even in this challenge, as he is just a boy, however, he does find a large amount of inner strength and ability at this moment in time. Black Hippie Chick:Will you share with us a short preview of Boy Who Dreams?
Cesar:Of course, if readers go to the link below then can read an extract..

Black Hippie Chick:What message do you hope readers take away from the book?
Cesar:I would hope that people may look at life in a different way, if only in a small way. So often, we look to historic figures and point at the things that they have done with awe. But they we are all just human, like me and you, and our lives are open to those same possibilities which historic figures had. Black Hippie Chick:What three words would best describe Jordan.
Cesar:Open-minded, gifted, strong Black Hippie Chick:What is your favorite scene in Boy Who Dreams?Cesar: I think my favourite scene is a point in the book where Jordan pieces together information whilst searching for a friend, and this spiritual information enables him to save her life!


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