Guest Post by Author Justin E. Geary


Authors that have Inspired Me by Justin E. Geary

Over the years, I have read many works of fiction. There were some I liked and some I did not. You can’t really appreciate the ones you enjoy by only reading the good ones. The first author that caught my interest as a young man was Edgar Allen Poe. Not because of his writing style, which to this day I hate, but mainly because reading him was like trying to solve a riddle. You would have to analyze Poe to understand his work. Over the years I grew out of my liking for Poe because his writing was so depressing. I realized that I didn’t want to be depressed and reading depressing fiction would influence me in a negative way.
That same year I read Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird, which I really enjoyed. It was an excellent novel that was very well written. Its message about judging people ignorantly in combination with the characters in the story made it one of my all time favorites.
The first novelist to truly influence me to write was Stephen King. His novel, The Long Walk, was the first book I ever read out of school on my own. Seeing what the children in The Long Walk went through, and knowing the friendship between the two main characters would end badly, touched me. I’ve read a lot of Stephen King’s books and liked most of them.
I think that the novelist that influenced me most in writing, however, was Robert Jordan with his incredible character development and his ability to create a world that was all his own. I can honestly say that I would not be the novelist I am today if it hadn’t been for Jordan’s Wheel Of Time series.
John Steinbeck’s writing was also influential, but in a different way, I knew that I could never be as good of a writer as Steinbeck was and for that matter few could, but I tried to learn from his writing style which was one of the best I’ve read. These men and women were the most influential novelists for me and still are today.


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