Spanktastic by my girl Sadey Quinn


With this being the last holiday of the summer season, Sadey Quinn is providing everyone with a free read that’s guaranteed to keep you hot, even if the remnants of Isaac are heading your way!!!!

22 erotic spanking stories with one thing in common: Women get spanked! These stories are set in a BDSM kink-friendly community. Some are light hearted and fun; others are serious and edgy. This collection of Spanktastic fun is intended for adult audiences only. FROM THE AUTHOR: These stories were great fun to write. I hope you enjoy reading them! Because this is one of my first books, I really appreciate any reader feedback and reviews. Thanks! Sadey Quinn THE STORIES: Spanking Train 2800 words. Multiple F/f, humiliation, initiation, fun Cleaning for Master Holden 5300 words. M/ff, fun, spanking, sex, voyeurism After-hours at Asadero Bar 3400 words. M/ff, reluctance, fun, punishment Daniel Hobbs: Professional Disciplinarian 5600 words. FM/f, humiliation, disciplinarian, punishment, reluctance Predictions 2500 words. M/f, fun, sex Contact Sports 4100 words. F/ff, fun, public, wrestling, sex Cleaning the Kitchen 5200 words. M/f, fun, punishment, sex, anal Community Punishment 4800 words. M/f, punishment, reluctance, edgy That’s Not Why 1000 words. M/f, Daddy/little girl A Mischievous Hike 4100 words. mm/ff, fun, group, anal play The Sadists 3400 words. MF/f, edgy, reluctance, sex, anal Confessions 2800 words. M/ff, punishment, fun Weigh-Ins 6700 words. FM/multiple f, weight loss, medical, edgy, breast torture, humiliation, voyeurism, reluctance Not a Masochist 2600 words. M/f, punishment, reluctance Mistress’ Birthday 2600 words. F/f, fun, sex Sky High in Ecstasy 3500 words. M/f, edgy, humiliation, exhibitionism, figging, sex, anal Phoenix 2200 words. M/f, edgy, sex Switching 4000 words. F/m, M/f, sex, fun, anal play Spanking Machine 6800 words. M/f, Machine/multiple f, edgy, breast torture, punishment, reluctance, humiliation Bad Behavior 1700 words. M/f, punishment Ping-Pong 7000 words. MM/ff, F/f, spanking, fun, games, sex Birthday Spanking 4200 words. Group/f, fun, exhibitionism, voyeurism


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