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Something New on the Menu Series

BLMorticia and Rawiya

BL: Greetings. Welcome to another post from the muses of Sharita Lira. Today, we’re posting about the about the series we’re doing together through Naughty Nights Press, Something New on the Menu.

Rawiya: We’re very excited that Gina and her team have allowed us to do it too. The brilliant thing about this collection is each story is a standalone with different characters, backgrounds, and situations, but they all follow a common theme: M/M romance and the Food &Restaurant Industry.

BL: Hot stories about men in love with treats to boot. Why wouldn’t you want to read that? The series began in November with my book, Something Fresh Served Hot. It’s about a homophobe, Jimmy LaCosta who thinks he knows it all about gay men but when he meets his boss, Alex Seidling, he is quickly put in his place. As expected, the book is filled with snark and hot sex. Looks like the readers like it too since it received a Silver Star on All Romance Books.

Rawiya: It’s an awesome story and a fitting beginning to this collection. Moving along to my book, Time to Make the Donuts, the main character Christopher is a lonely shop owner looking for love. He works hard to keep the donut store he inherited running and ignores his personal life in the process. However, a man comes into his life to change things and during the story, he finds out secrets about Andre that might stand in the way of their happiness. Will it? You have to read to find out. It also received a star on All Romance and was top ten on the NNP list at ARe.

BL: Those are just two of the stories in this series. We moved on to book three and four for Rawiya before I end with the last book, Candyman about a young man who has the tasks of taking over his deceased father’s company and falls in love in the process.

Rawiya: My tales Smooth Like Latte and Sugar Daddy are books 3 and 4. I’m very excited about these stories. Both interracial m/m, Smooth involves a closeted CEO who falls in love with a saucy barista while Sugar is a May/December romance with a culinary student searching for an older man to love and take care of him.

BL: The collection has laughs, manlove, and food. How can you go wrong? We’re proud of the series and hope you’re interested to check it out!

Something Fresh Served Hot from Something New on the Menu Series Book One Blurb

A gay contemporary comedy which features a Chicago homophobe by the name of Jimmy LaCosta who works at a diner called the Greasy Spoon on the Northside of Chicago near Boys Town. While working, Jimmy meets the incoming manager, Alex Seidling, a young British man who his present boss is hiring to take his place as he retires.

After the initial meeting in which Jimmy feels uncomfortable with Alex’s stares, Jimmy cultivates a friendship with Alex which develops into something totally different than he himself expects. This shocks him and he tries to fight it but because of his growing feelings he decides to pursue it despite all of what he has been taught.

Will he do what his body wants? Will Alex accept his advances even though he will soon become Jimmy’s boss?

Click here to read an excerpt

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Blurb: Andre, a customer, comes in and pays him a visit. The two lock eyes and immediately connect on a personal level. Because of this, Christopher decides to pursue when Andre passes him his card. He wonders what the young man does for a living however, he’s so smitten by him, Chris doesn’t give it much thought.

Little does the shop owner know, Andre actually works for his biggest competitor as a secret shopper and has been told to use any method necessary to find out the secrets of the shop as well as convince him to sell his shop and become part of the national chain.

When Christopher finds out, he has a surprise for Andre and deals with him in a rather humorous way. Will he trust Andre once he finds out this fact? Will he give up his shop under the pressure the well known franchise?

Buylinks  ARe  Smashwords Amazon

Click here to read excerpt

Blurb: Brendan Walsh is an uptight business executive working for his father and missing out on real life due to his relentless drive for success. Fearing his homophobic father’s wrath – and the potential to destroy his financial future – Brendan hides is true orientation and lives a life of boring celibacy.

Upon meeting Davori Jenkins when the hunky barista serves him a latte just the way he likes it, Brendan takes a chance, leaving his number with the tip in the hopes of changing his future love life.

Will Brendan be able to come clean with his father – risking his fortune – or will he take a chance at losing a man who he wants as his future?

Warning: This is an m/m interracial romance. Real romance. Some sappiness is ahead with two very good looking men who are searching for that happy ever after ending.

Amazon, Smashwords, ARe

Click here to read an excerpt

BLACKHIPPIECHICK’S Take on Sugar Daddy : Let me start buy saying, that at the end of the book I wanted a sugar daddy, too. This book has hot sex (I know you all want to know), but it is also romantic, and at other times it was heartbreaking.

I read this book on September 23rd, which just happened to be Bi-Pride Day; I couldn’t have chosen a more fitting book to read. This book discuss some of the concerns faced by those in the LGBT community. For example, Antwon married his childhood friend because he didn’t want to risk his chance of becoming a barrister (Lawyer). Their platonic relationship had served him well, but recently he began to crave a monogamous relationship with a man. He was tired of living a lie, and was ready to be his true self.

Matthew is a student at a culinary school. After going without a relationship for several years, he final reaches a state of loneliness that he can no longer take. The fact that his best friend and flat mate is in a relationship with their professor, also increases his desire to find a lover. Matthew’s flat mate repeatedly warns him not to use a dating website, but fortunately he doesn’t listen.

I really enjoyed the story, and I appreciated the fact that the author took the time to fully develop the characters. While I love hot steamy sex scenes just as much as the next girl, the fact that there was a layer of romance to the story made the intimate scenes more meaningful. I was able to connect with both of the characters desire to seek what truly made them happy. I also love that the stories in this series involve interracial relationships. As a woman in an interracial marriage, I can say that books featuring these types of relationships are as rare as a Willy Wonka golden ticket.

In the end, Antwon and Matthew must decide if the love they feel for one another is important enough to take a risk. By the last chapter in the book, I know you’ll be rooting for Matthew and Antwon to make it.

Blurb: Matthew Davidson wants a MAN! The setting shifts away from the America’s to Britain where Matthew and his childhood friend, Devon Peartly attend a cooking school to obtain their cooking certificates. The young man wants a partner so badly, he decides he’ll try an online dating service in hopes of finding a black man that can take care of and satisfy him romantically.

He finds that man, Antwon Bantu on an online dating site and is instantly intrigued. Little does Matthew know that Antwon is involved in a “convenient” marriage and is seeking a younger partner so he can finally get on with his life. Instead of confessing the truth, he decides to hide it, fearing he’ll lose the chance with Matthew if he informs him. To complicate things, Antwon’s wife claims to be in love with him. Antwon must choose what’s more important; loving Matthew or saving his impeccable reputation as a top barrister in the London courts?

Which will he choose?


Antwon flicked the button on his laptop and signed in, checking for new messages. “The same old…” He shook his head, scanning the emails from Men his own age or young ones looking for a “Master” which caused him to press delete very quickly. “Shit, don’t they get it? I’m not into that, I could never hurt a fly… I could…” he stopped pushing the “d” when he noticed something of interest.

The profile came up for “Choco91”’ and it appeared more promising than anything he’d read since he joined the site. “Well, who are you?” Interested, he smiled wryly and clicked the link, anxious to see what Choco looked like. Once he did, his eyes widened and his face flushed as he gazed at a young brown-skinned hunk who claimed to be from Liverpool and twenty-one years old. He mentioned how he was a student in the culinary arts and looking for an older black man to love and take care of him.

“Seriously?” Antwon couldn’t believe his eyes. Could this young stud be the man he was searching for? A gorgeous man, closely shaven head, with brown eyes, five ten, athletic build.

He could hardly wait to respond to the message; Hi, would you like to talk?

Antwon typed in an answer. Sure I’d love to, whenever you have the chance.

Amazon, Are, Smashwords

BLMorticia is currently a published writer with Naughty Nights Press and Rebel Ink Press. Her first two novellas, My Lieutenant and Something Fresh Served Hot are Silver star recipients on All Romance Ebooks. She writes bi weekly for Red Lipstick Diaries, guest blogs monthly on the Naughty Nights Press blog and a writes column twice a month on Blak Rayne Books. For more info, please visit, Erotica With Snark

RAWIYA is the more sensual erotica writer in the BLRawiya duo. Rawiya’s first sole author book, “Time to Make the Donuts” is now available in multiple digital formats through online vendors and her first MMF Living In The Now was released in April from Naughty Nights Press.
Rawiya loves multiracial characters who overcome obstacles other than race. Sweet, sassy, and spicy would be the best way to describe her work. Happily married mother of two, loves music, computers, and travel. She blogs regularly at Wicked Sexy Writers. For more please visit the Rawiya’s blog on WordPress.

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