Author on a Mission: Meet Annie Laurie Harris

Author on a Mission: Meet Annie Laurie Harris


By John Riddle


            When faced with adversity, many people will give up and throw in the towel.  But not Annie Laurie Harris.  When life handed her a lemon, she made lemonade.  She refused to give up and stop living.  In fact, she did the exact opposite: she embraced her challenge and rose to the occasion!


            Since being diagnosed with cerebral palsy at a very young age, Annie has defied the odds and showed the medical experts that they are not always correct.  “More people should wake up each morning with the right attitude,” said Annie. “Your attitude is your most prized possession, and with the right one, the sky is the limit!”


            After achieving her Master’s Degree at Penn State University in 1985 she worked as a counselor and advocate for those with a history of chemical dependency. In 1990, she was recruited by the prestigious World Institute of Disability to be the Assistant Director of the first HIV/Disability Project. Her grant writing expertise is second to none as private foundations funded her innovative research projects again and again. Since returning to her home state of Pennsylvania where she lives near her beloved Alma Mater, Annie continues to be involved in her community and avidly supports the Penn State athletic program.   


Annie is now an author, having published her memoir, It’s Easier to Dance.  Described as “provocative and thought provoking,” the book depicts the highlights, turning points and crossroads of her life while living with cerebral palsy. 


She tells in detail of the struggle to learn to take care of herself, earn professional credentials, work in profit and non-profit organizations, and becoming a contributing member of her community.


Readers have an opportunity to win a Kindle Fire.  Just visit Annie’s Website at and learn about her adventures on a Virtual Book Tour.  Always wanting to give back to the community, Annie is proudly donating half of the profits from her book sales to research and direct services to people with cerebral palsy.




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