Trayvon Didn’t Deserve to Die, Even If He Had Previously Been in Trouble

In my opinion, it doesn’t matter what kind of teenager Trayvon was. Honestly, for the enitre summer when I was 16, I was a runaway. I had friends that stole stuff & I’d return it for a refund so that I could buy food. I learned when the best time to go to the dumpster at McDonalds was, because they had to get rid of food after so long. I hung out with people who were in gangs, sold drugs…you name it. I would’ve looked like a bad kid, but I was also a contradiction. I was attending leadership confernces & helped shape the Indiana Youth Institute. I was still a Girl Scout, and I had the lead in several plays. I was surviving the best way that I knew how. In my mind it didn’t matter if someone hurt me, as long as it wasn’t my parents.  Those things didn’t make me a horrible person then, and I am a loving and caring person now.


Trayvon got into trouble, and his mom sent him to stay with his father. But on that night, he was a kid walking back from the store with an ice tea & skittles. That night, Trayvon’s ony crime was walking in a gated community, while being black. George Zimmerman, hunted Trayvon down. He didn’t hunt Zimmerman down, or initiate a fight. He tried to out run him & get away.


Trayvon Martin Protest - Sanford

Trayvon Martin Protest – Sanford (Photo credit: werthmedia)


However, even if George Zimmerman, felt like Trayvon was behaving in a suspicious way, then he should have still followed the directions that the dispatcher gave him. The police were on their way, all he had to do was stay in his car. Hell, even if he still felt the need to follow him, Trayvon, would still be here if Zimmerman had stayed in his car as he followed him. He did not have to kill Trayvon, but he chose to get out of his car and hunt him down. His decision has consequences, the least of which should be time in prison. I don’t know about his morality, but he should feel guilt everyday that he wakes up, knowing that he had the chance to do the right thing, but instead he chose to hunt down his prey.




4 thoughts on “Trayvon Didn’t Deserve to Die, Even If He Had Previously Been in Trouble

  1. Reblogged this on Life in a Nutshell and commented:
    I feel that it’s not just the fact of wether or not he was in trouble (it was a factor) but it shows how little progress we got from the racist days.

    People need to fucking grow up and accept others.
    “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.
    -MLK “

  2. This whole case is unbelievable. This man, Zimmerman, is walking away freely. He killed an innocent child! I feel like we have taken a huge step back in the progression of racism. Maybe we were all just fooled, and true progress didn’t really occur because this goes to show that it didn’t. This incident isn’t the first because i experience it, my family experiences it, my friends experiences it in the twenty first century! We still experience racism and we see it too. I am a black, educated, female, lesbian and it seems like the world is too frightened by that. He was a black male, walking with a hoodie on without the intentions of harming anything and it seems like Zimmerman, his lawyer, and people that back them up are too frightened by that!

    • I completely agree! It shouldn’t be okay for him to die because some guy who had a chip on his shoulder, a gun in his pocket & an ax to grind, couldn’t keep his behind in the car until the police arrived. Also, the prosecution was an embarrassment to the fake system of justice that we claim to have in this country. My 12 year old, could’ve put on a better case for why George Zimmerman’s guilt & included all the possible charges from the beginning, not as a ‘hail mary’ last ditch effort.

  3. I know it shouldn’t be okay and now the jury see this after he was already found “Not Guilty”. It is very scary because there is a possibility that my nephew can walk out of the house, get shot, and not get justice. Anyone for that matter. Very scary, and we are supposed to feel protected? I am only 16 and i could have too. We just have to teach the youth and the children in my generation to take a stand and reshape society into a better formation. We can not just let this go by without making a statement. It will get better. We just need to keep those positive vibes with us all the time.

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