Persepolis: A Damn Good Book


Persepolis (Photo credit: Xesc)

This book describes Marjane Satrapi’s life in Iran, shortly before the revolution occurs, afterwards, during the Irani/Iraqi war,and the obstacle that she most overcome, in order to live a life that allows her artistic spirit to flourish. Some of the experiences described in this graphic novel are: the difficulties the author faced once the revolution occurred, her love for American culture and the risks she took to purchase items on the black market, her determined and head strong personality which ultimately lead to difficulties with authority from the head of her school, to the squad of women who travel around Iran to ensure women and girls are obeying the laws.
At times the reader will worry about Satrapi, because of her refusal to cave to the restrictions that are imposed on her, laugh at the way she describes her stint with 5 gay males as roommates. Satrapi’s work leaves the reader questioning the image portrayed of Iranian women, in the Western media, and ultimately unable to put the graphic novel down.
This work moves at a very fast pace, but the graphics used in the book make it a valuable tool for New Language Learners, and reluctant or struggling learners.  )

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